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EG Power Company is a full-service energy consultant.  Deregulation has taken place in many states and provinces throughout  the United States.  It has allowed competitive energy suppliers to enter the market and offer energy supply products.  EG Power has access to nearly 100% of all energy suppliers in the area.  With over 10 years of experience and relationships within the industry, we are consistently able to provide the lowest rates to our clients as a leading whole-sale distributor of natural gas and electricity.  With just one recent monthly bill from each electric and natural gas meter, we provide a free cost analysis and present you your cost savings.  We provide only fixed-rate contracts which allows maximum, no-risk cost savings without the need to worry about adverse price fluctuations in the market over time.  EG Power has also partnered with PowerTrak to provide a variety of business solutions that reduce energy and maximizes savings while also maximizing comfort and control. Some of these offerings include energy monitoring through smart devices, energy and environmental management systems with Smart Thermostat, flexible zone control for forced-air, hot water, and radiant heat, internet connectivity for monitoring and control, smart LED lighting solutions, and more!  We are proud of our distinguished reputation in the area and are always looking forward to extending that service to our new clients.


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